Mini IVF

The Mini IVF protocol gives women with low egg reserves a chance to conceive their own biological children.

Traditional IVF treatments require high doses of follicle-stimulating hormones in order to have as many eggs collected as possible; however, if you have very low egg reserve, stimulation protocols that use high doses of medications may not be the right approach.

Aggressive stimulation of the ovaries can only allow the follicles available for the current cycle to mature; all future follicles remain immature and don’t respond to medications. No matter how much medication you receive, you will only generate as many mature follicles as your ovaries and nature can provide in a particular cycle.

Low egg reserve often means that there are only a few available follicles to grow, and using high doses of medications would only increase the medication costs without increasing the number of mature eggs. This is the reason why many patients with low egg reserves are not good candidates for conventional IVF.

The Mini IVF protocol works differently, namely by adding an oral medication that releases natural stimulating hormones from the pituitary gland to assist the lighter dose of injectable medications to stimulate those few available follicles.




We’ve worked with the Mini IVF long enough to convince us that this is a viable option for women with low egg reserve who desire to conceive their own biological children.

In summary, for most patients undergoing IVF treatment, the standard approach has been to use high doses of ovarian stimulation medications to improve the chances of pregnancy. However, for women with low ovarian reserve, a better option might be to use the gentler stimulation of the Mini IVF protocol that would yield the same number of eggs at a fraction of medication cost.



More Answers


Is there a minimum number of follicles for Mini IVF?

Yes, at the start of the cycle there must be a minimum of 3 antral follicles before ovarian stimulation can begin. Sometime what looks like a follicle may actually be a empty sac (cyst).

Should I consider Mini IVF if I have normal egg reserve?

No, you’ll do better if you use regular protocol IVF. Mini IVF is helpful for women with low ovarian reserve since higher dose of stimulation would not yield any more egg that what are available. However, if there is a potential of recruiting more than 5 eggs, why limit yourself to just a few eggs with Mini IVF? A good number of eggs can give you a higher chance of having a baby and having extra embryos for additional children.

Can the AMH level estimate the number of eggs I have available per cycle?

In our experience, for AMH level of less than 1, the number following the decimal point correlates well with the number of eggs collected at retrieval. For example, if the AMH level is 0.3, expect to have about 3 plus or minus one (or 2-4) eggs. Of course, higher number of eggs collected will be welcomed as a pleasant surprise.

Can the Mini IVF protocol improve egg quality?

We are not sure but gentle stimulation doesn’t hurt. However, egg quality is mostly dependent on the woman’s age.

What is the success rate of Mini IVF?

For patients with low ovarian reserve, Mini IVF gives the same chance of success as conventional IVF based on our experience. However, in cases of normal egg reserve, Mini IVF gives a slightly lower chance of success than conventional IVF due to the lower number of eggs collected. 

Can I use PGT with Mini IVF?

Yes, any resulting embryo can be tested if it reaches the blastocyst stage.

How many eggs are collected with Mini IVF?

In our experience, about 5 eggs are collected with Mini IVF cycles which yield about 1-2 embryos for transfer.

Is there a money back guarantee program?

No, we’ve found that the shared cost programs would be prohibitively expensive and that patients would get the most out of their investment with our pay as you go cost effective treatment program.

Is financing available?

Yes, we work with several external programs that can provide you loans to help pay for IVF treatment.