The cost of an IUI cycle varies widely among clinics in the Dallas Fort Worth area and depends on the stimulation protocol, the type of medications used and the frequency of sonogram and/or blood hormone monitoring. For many patients fertility treatment begins with an ovulation induction cycle using clomiphene or letrozole (Femara), with or without an IUI.

A typical IUI cycle usually consists of at least 2 sonograms (performed before and after medication), an HCG injection (to ovulate), an IUI (performed 1-2 days after HCG) and a progesterone level (a week after HCG to assess adequacy of ovulation). The total cost of an IUI cycle can be estimated by adding the cost of the medications, the sonograms and the IUI procedure.


Common Questions


How successful is IUI?

The chance of live birth with IUI is about 10{211c5f219c303457ff68f8a1da0fe54877cfe3fcf9865dbb664909a3ee0b54ae} per cycle.

What is the cost of back to back IUIs?

Every IUI is consisted of sperm preparation by the laboratory and insemination by the care provider and costs $250, so if you undergo IUI twice, the IUI cost will be $500.

How is a natural cycle IUI conducted?

For a natural cycle IUI to work, you must have regular menses. You would use an ovulation detection kit and call the clinic when the test is positive in order to schedule IUI on the following day.

Can I use the trigger shot with a natural cycle IUI?

Yes, you can use a HCG injection to trigger ovulation before undergoing IUI in the following day. However, you will also need a midcycle sonogram in order to know when to use the HCG injection.

How much does a donor sperm sample cost?

The cost of an anonymous donor sperm sample can vary from $600 to $1,200 with shipping.

Does insurance cover for IUI?

IUI coverage depends mainly on the generosity of your employer, who would have to pay a higher insurance premium per employee for the coverage. Our business department can help you understand your benefits.

If I have IUI coverage can I get treatment at any clinic?

Technically you can, but in order to receive the maximum benefits you will have to choose a clinic that uses an in network laboratory to process the sperm. Your doctor can be in network but if the laboratory he uses is not in network you will have to pay for the laboratory cost to process the sperm.

What is the laboratory charge for IUI prep?

Our laboratory charges $140 to prepare semen for IUI.

How much does IUI with gender selection cost?

We can help to balance your family but you must first have at least 1 child of the opposite gender. In addition, there is no guarantee that you will have a baby of the desired sex. The cost for IUI with gender selection is $390.

Why are your fees for IUI lower than elsewhere?

Since no fertility clinic can provide more than 10{211c5f219c303457ff68f8a1da0fe54877cfe3fcf9865dbb664909a3ee0b54ae} chance of live birth per IUI attempt, we feel that IUI cycles should not consume a lot of your resources so that you still have fund to afford IVF if IUI fails.