Cost of Egg Banking

The costs of egg freezing in the Dallas Fort Worth area vary among the centers. In an effort to make the cost of egg banking affordable IVFMD provides a global fee for egg freezing cycle that covers the typical services from the start of ovarian stimulation to the day of cryopreservation.

Once you are ready to build your family, the frozen eggs can be thawed and fertilized to create embryos for eventual transfer. The cost of egg thaw cycles within the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex also vary greatly among local clinics. IVFMD provides an affordable egg thaw cycle that covers all the steps required for a successful outcome.


Common Questions


How many eggs should I freeze?

We recommend that at least 10 eggs should be frozen for every child you desire to have.

If I plan to freeze my eggs twice will the cost double?

Yes, the global cost for egg freezing (as well as the cost for medications) will increase with the number of cycles of egg banking.

What is the typical cost of medications?

The cost of medications for an egg freezing cycle can vary from $2,000 to $6,000 depending on the woman’s ovarian reserve and weight. Medications used to stimulate the ovaries are quite expensive. In contrast, medications for the egg thawing cycle cost much less, typically lower than $2,000.

Is there financing?

Yes, we work with several programs that offer financing for fertility treatments and fertility medications. We have included their link on our website. Our Billing Department will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

Does insurance cover egg banking ?

It’s unlikely that your insurance covers the egg freezing cycle. However, if your policy covers have IVF treatment it will likely cover the egg thawing cycle. 

If I have IVF coverage can I get treatment at any clinic?

Technically you can, but in order to receive the maximum benefits you may have to facilities designated by the plans as ‘Center of Excellence’.

What's the additional cost to test the embryos?

We charge $2,000 to perform embryo biopsy. In addition, the outside laboratory that tests the cells for chromosome abnormalities charge $150 per embryo.

What's the cost for future cycles if the first IVF attempt fails?

You can proceed with a frozen embryo transfer cycle using any remaining embryo for a cost of $3,500. If there is no remaining embryo, you have to try another fresh IVF cycle with the associated higher cost.