Cost of Donor Egg IVF

The cost of donor egg IVF in Dallas Fort Worth can be quite high and varies greatly among IVF centers with some centers charging up to $30,000 before medications for a single cycle.

Donor egg agencies rely on advertisement to find their donors and thereby pass this expense to the recipient. The agency fee can vary depending on geography, ethnic availability and the donor’s previous history of successful cycles. Out of town donors can incur additional cost due to travel and hotel expenses.

If you are fortunate to have a relative or a friend who is willing to donate eggs to you, the total cost for the donor egg IVF cycle will be lower due to significant savings on the administrative and the donor fees. Your potential donor should be 34 or younger to optimize your chance of success and she will still need to be screened and evaluated rigorously as an anonymous donor.

Aiming to reduce cost of donor egg IVF treatment for our patients, we began to recruit our own egg donors in 2013. Using IVFMD egg donors can result in significant savings.

An amount of $200 for administrative fees will be added to the global fee when payment is made by credit card. The fees quoted are subject to change without prior notification.

Please note that an administrative fee of 3-4% will be added to the global fee when financing is done through FutureFamily or United Medical Credit.


Common Questions


If the first donor egg IVF cycle fails, what's the cost for trying again?

If you have remaining embryos, the cost of a frozen cycle is $2,000. However, if you have to repeat the fresh cycle using a different egg donor, the cost will be much higher (as listed in the table above).

What are the IVF discounts for teachers and military personnel?

Teachers and military personnel (or veterans) receive a $1,000 discount per person. So if one partner is a teacher and the other is a veteran, the couple will have a $2,000 discount from their IVF global fee. These discounts are applicable only to self-paying patients.

What is the typical cost of medications for donor egg IVF?

The cost of medications for the egg donor can vary from $3,000 to $5,000 and those for the egg recipient can run from $1,000 to $2,000.

Is there financing for donor egg IVF?

Yes, there are several external programs that we can refer you to. 

Do you have a money back guarantee program?

At the present time, we do not have a shared risks program, which would be prohibitively expensive to most of our patients.

Does insurance cover donor egg IVF?

Some insurance plans cover the cost of culture and transfer of embryos created from donor eggs. However, they likely will not cover services associated with the egg donor such as donor screenings and compensation.

If I have donor egg IVF coverage can I get treatment at any clinic?

Technically you can, but in order to receive the maximum benefits you may have to facilities designated by the plans as ‘Center of Excellence’.

What is the cost for long term storage of embryos?

Your IVF global fee covers the storage of embryos for up to 1 year after their creation. For longer storage, we will transport your embryos to Reprotech, a nationwide cryostorage network, which will charge you an annual fee of $400.

What are the fees for testing the embryos (PGT)?

After cells are removed from the embryos, they are sent to a specialized lab for chromosome testing which currently charges $150 per embryo. So if you have 4 embryos analyzed, you will be charged $600 by the outside lab.

Why are your fees lower than elsewhere?

We believe in quality and affordability from day one. Our mission has always been to provide the best care possible with available resources. Results are not guaranteed but we’ll give you our best efforts!