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Common Questions


How much does IVF cost?

Our IVF Global Fee is listed on the Cost of IVF page. The global fee covers all services in a typical IVF cycle including cryostorage for excess embryos.

What is the age limit to use my own eggs for IVF ?

Our age limit for IVF using your own eggs is 44, when the chance of live birth is only 1-2 %.

What is the chance of live birth with IUI ?

You should expect only 10% chance of live birth with each IUI cycle.

What is the chance of live birth with IVF?

IVF success rates depend mostly on the age of the woman. If the woman is younger than 35, IVF should give her a 50-60% chance of having a baby.

Can I choose the gender of my baby ?

We can help to balance your family but you must first have at least 1 child of the opposite gender. In addition, there is no guarantee that you will have a baby of the desired sex.

How often will I see the doctor?

We believe that direct interaction between doctor and patient is important for success and will try our best to ensure that you will see a physician at every visit.