Become An Egg Donor

Thank you for your interest in becoming an egg donor. The generosity of women like you makes it possible for couples to become parents.  By donating eggs, you give an amazing gift to hopeful parents and at the same time receive financial compensation for your effort and time.

Basic Requirements for Anonymous Egg Donors

To ensure that you have a positive experience as an anonymous egg donor and to optimize the chance of success for the hopeful parents you must first satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Age between 20 and 30.
  1. Body mass index between 20 and 28. CALCULATE YOUR BMI.
  1. Regular menstrual cycles (menses every 28-32 days).
  2. Healthy lifestyle (no drugs or smoking).
  3. Reliable and responsible and can come to our clinics in Irving, Grapevine, or Arlington for 5-6 times during a 10-14 day period.

Steps of the Egg Donation Process

We appreciate your willingness to bring happiness to others with your gift and will make sure that your egg donation experience is as pleasant and safe as possible. Our Egg Donor Coordinators will help guide you through the donation process as summarized below:

  1. Complete a short online Screening Questionnaire (to see if you meet the donor criteria).
  2. Build your egg donor profile by completing a detailed online Egg Donor Application. Your transparency and honesty will be much appreciated and will help match you to potential recipients. Your identifying information such as name and contact information will be kept confidential.
  3. Once you have been matched with a recipient, our Donor Coordinator will arrange for you to meet one of our physicians for an interview and medical exam. You might have blood drawn for medical and genetic screening. All these services will be at no cost to you.
  4. A psychological evaluation will also be arranged with a counselor to describe your personality traits and to address any concern you might still have about the egg donation process.
  5. Complete and sign the required legal paperwork. Egg donors will have no claim of any children resulted from their donated eggs.
  6. Once ovarian stimulation begins, you will be monitored closely over the next 10-12 days. Our Egg Donor Coordinator will guide you through this process.
  7. On the day of egg retrieval, you will receive your donor compensation.

At IVFMD, we welcome both first-time donor applicants and those who have already donated.

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More Answers


How much will I get paid as an egg donor?

Egg donor compensation varies among donor agencies. Egg donors at IVFMD receives $8,000 as compensation.

How painful is egg donation?

You may feel pelvic discomfort during ovarian stimulation as the ovaries become larger with growing follicles. During the egg retrieval you will not feel or remember anything due to anesthesia. Afterward, you may feel pelvic cramps but these should resolve quickly within a few days. 

How many times can I donate eggs?

You can donate eggs up to 6 times.

Will I have run out of eggs if I donate my eggs?

No, the eggs that you donate are already destined to disappear at the end of the cycle whether you donate or not. For example, in a young woman, there can be 20 eggs available for a particular cycle when she starts her menses. Nature would allow only 1 egg out of 20 to mature and ovulate while the rest will be gone by the end of the cycle. When you donate, you will take medications to allow several follicles to mature. These medications will not touch the future generations of follicles.

If I want to donate eggs to a family member, do I still have to go through the FDA screening?

Yes, the FDA requires all egg donors to undergo FDA screening unless the egg donor and her recipient are intimate partners.

As an egg donor, will I know the whether the recipient becomes pregnant.

Yes, you can know whether the donation cycle was successful while the recipient remains anonymous.

Can I have sex while taking medications to stimulate my ovaries?

No, as an egg donor you should refrain from intercourse during ovarian stimulation and up to week after egg collection.

Will I get compensated if the cycle is canceled?

The compensation policy depends on the donor agency. The donor receives full compensation after she undergoes egg collection. If the cycle is canceled, donor compensation will be individualized.